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Address: Mira Square
Date of construction – 50s of the 20th century


The tower, known in common as the Izmail Tower of Pisa, was built in the late 1950s along with high-rise buildings located on Mira Avenue (former Lenin Ave. – from Suvorov Ave. to Kishinevskaya Str.).

The decision to build a water storage was made due to the fact that the existing capacity of the city water supply was not enough. Since the peak of water consumption occurred in the daytime, the filling of a huge metal tank located at the top of the tower should have happened at night. In the afternoon it was assumed that the tower would make up for the deficit of life-giving moisture in the residential district of a multi-story residential development.
However, the plans were not destined to come true for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the construction in the city at that time did not take into account the high level of seismicity of the region. In addition to this, the designers and builders did not fully take into account the peculiarities of local macroporous subsidence soils.

All this led to the fact that after the construction of the tower the very first attempt to fill the tank with water almost ended in tragedy. Under tremendous weight it leaned menacingly toward school No. 7, located in the neighborhood.

Numerous attempts to solve the problem with the help of design institutes have failed. Izmail resident Markian Umnov came to help the city. Not being a civil engineer, he was rather a talented craftsman, although he knew the features of the soil firsthand, having experience as a miner. Local authorities decided to trust him – complex calculations were made, the necessary diagrams and drawings were drawn up. The foundation of the structure was opened. On the opposite side of the slope, under the base of the building, pits were drilled evenly, where water was pumped. Under the influence of moisture, the soil subsided and the tower leveled off. Markian himself subsequently more than once was involved in the elimination of emergency emergencies. In particular, with his help the healed pipe of the boiler house of the Izmail cannery, as well as the building of the kindergarten of the same enterprise after the subsidence of the ground were restored.

They say that for the save of the falling water tower Markian Umnov received the right to purchase a “Zhiguli”, which he drove until his death.

As for the tower, it wasn’t used for its intended purpose. In the 60s, a repeater was installed on it for the local television studio that existed in those years, then the “Tower” restaurant and a casino were located in the building.

Since 2019, the building of the failed water tower has been owned by Izmailtransbud LLC.

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