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Address: 28 Suvorov Ave.
Build Date: 1907
Storeys: 1

The presentable building on 28 Suvorov Avenue, without a doubt, is one of the main decorations of the city on the Danube. Its history goes back at least over a hundred years.

If to believe the data contained in the List of Monuments of Architecture and Urban Planning of local importance, it was built in 1907. Although in other sources you can find another date of his construction – 1870.

The architectural style can be described as eclecticism with mix of other styles: it is based on the classical style with baroque elements. This is especially noticeable in a number of facade decoration elements, especially in the ornamentation of metal forged lattices of entrance doors and fences, exquisite flag holders on both sides of the main entrance and stucco decorations over numerous windows. An elegant bay window can be seen through the fanciful lattice of the fence, elegant pediments delight the eye with sophistication of forms and the only vase that has been preserved, the unusual shape of the drainage system promises a celebration of life.

The building was never residential housing – it was part of the quarter, which was used by the diocese. Here, in particular, was a church court.

Church Court church administration that regulated the activities of various churches in the city, as well as educating violators, removing them from their posts and depriving them of authority.

During the Romanian period a branch of the National Bank of Romania was located here.

In the Soviet period, the branch of the State Bank of the USSR settled here,and already in the period of independence – a division of the joint-stock commercial bank “Ukraine”.

In 2019, the overhaul of the facade of the building was completed. Today, there is a territorial division of the State Treasury of Ukraine.

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