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Address: Pokrovskaya str., 48 (former Komsomolskaya St.)
Year of construction: until 1917
Storeys: 1


On the city plan the intersection of Verkhnetorgovaya str. (now – Pokrovskaya str.) and Aristocraticheskaya str. (now – Avraamovskaya) was a place of dense urban development – it was the center of the city. The famous Rakhmutov shopping malls located just one block away (the Central Square is there now), as well as Novobazarnaya Ploshad with a grandiose indoor market.

There is evidence that this building with curious architecture was built before the October Revolution. It was owned by a wealthy city dweller, most likely, from the merchant estate. His house was located nearby and the family owned many buildings in this area of ​​the city. There was one of the shops belonging to him in this building.

On the city plan of 1943 there are no inscriptions near this building, which means that it was not a public building, but, most likely, was privately owned as housing.

In the summer of 1941 with the outbreak of hostilities Izmail was occupied by the Romanian troops. The photos of that time show that the roof of this building was broken, apparently after the bombing attack by enemy aircraft. The appearance of the building is significantly different from what we observe today. If the walls of house building and the shape of the windows have not changed significantly, then the pediments are little reminiscent of the modern picture. Apparently, after serious damage it was not possible to recover the roof without simplifying the design of the bearing walls.

One of the entrances to the building from the Pokrovskaya street is closed by the old roller shutters, which were most likely installed in the 20-s or 30-s of the 20th century. Two locks of always closed shutters adorn Romanian inscriptions: the name of the manufacturer is M.MOSCOVICI and the name of the city where they were released is BRAILA (Romania). And, indeed, several Jewish families with the surname Moskovici (Moskovich, Moskovets) lived in the city of Braila before the war.

More recently the building housed a second-hand shop from the side of Pokrovskaya Str. The side of Avraamovskaya street was occupied by the Gosstrakh office in the 90s, and then the city branch of the “Oranta” insurance company worked here.

The side entrance led to the bar “Sibiryachka”, which was named after its owner Tamara Kasyanenko, a native of Siberia.

Today, the old building is empty.

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