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Saint Ascension church


Address: Pushkina str., 148

Year of construction: 1874

The Saint Ascension church is located in the old Orthodox cemetery, which is at the exit from Izmail in direction to Kiliya. Unfortunately, information about the history of its occurrence is very fragmentary and incomplete. However, even a cursory glance at them can suggest that the temple is one of the oldest in the territory of modern Izmail.

According to the rector of the church, Archpriest Nicholas no church documents have been preserved to date, and the existed archive documents, are, unfortunately, in Romanian. According to fragmentary data, the temple was built in 1874 and consecrated in honor of the Ascension Day five years later – in 1879.

It was located in the city suburbs, where mostly people of Ukrainian nationality lived. His parish consisted of 350 courtyards, sheltered on the very outskirts of the city. There was a parish school at the church. Its building has survived to this day and is located near the temple.
Although this has not yet been documented, but it can be assumed that there could be a chapel or a wooden temple in place of the stone church. Such thought is prompted by the almost two hundred year history of the Orthodox cemetery on whose territory the temple was built. The oldest burial sites that can be identified here today date back to the beginning of the 19th century. It is hard to imagine that one of the two oldest city cemeteries worked without a temple where the deceased could be buried.

Even today, on several tombstones, inscriptions are read that clergymen rest under them. And old-timers tell the story of the Odessa priest Father Pavel, a native of our places, who was shot by official authorities in the 1940s. The Orthodox Church ranked him as a saint. At the cemetery are the graves of the parents of the holy martyr.

The temple functioned during the Romanian period. The documents inform us about the names of some of church ministers – the rector Father Vitaly (Busuyka), singer Konstantin Grossu.

It worked also in the postwar years, already under the Soviet regime. And then the fate of most churches in our country befell him – in the 1960s it was closed. A chemical warehouse was located here. After closing the temple burned – traces of soot are still visible today on its arches.

Only in 1992 a dilapidated church without domes was returned to the Orthodox Church. Then the parish council was registered. The church was restored by its first abbot, Father Ioann (Gore), who worked here for four years. Now he lives and serves in Odessa, but does not forget the parish and often helps. Later on, for more than eight years Father Vasiliyl (Zaburyanii) served as rector.

The restoration of the church lasted almost ten years. During this time domes were restored, windows were replaced, gas was supplied. Restoration works were done for interior – the choir was restored, a new iconostasis was made, icons were purchased, because the old one were almost completely lost after the closure of the temple.
In the early 2000s the church was consecrated by Vladyka Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agafangel, an Orthodox cross shine now over the dome.

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