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Address: 70 Suvorov Ave.

Year of construction: 1844


The current Izmail remand center was built in 1844 as reported in documents regarding the construction process of the prison castle.

One of his predecessors, the Old Ostrog, was located on the territory of the Izmail fortress – a tower was allocated for these purposes. However, the number of prisoners stationed there (totally – 135 people in 1831), was excessive for such premises.

Due to the steady growth of the number of prisoners and wardens it was decided to build a new prison and stone barracks for the remand squad, which consisted of commander, lieutenant, second lieutenant, ensign sergeant major, 18 non-commissioned officers, clerk, barber and 90 wardens. It was decided to provide the building permit to the author of the best project. Announcements about this were sent to the newspapers of Izmail, Bolgrad, Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, a local resident won – it was the merchant of the first guild, Anton Milanovich, whose bankruptcy during the construction of this facility deserves a separate story.

The construction of the barracks was done from August to October 1833. It has been preserved to this day as part of the complex of buildings of the remand center.

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On January 4, 1844, the construction of the remand center (prison castle) itself began upon the request of Ismail police chief Lieutenant Colonel Von Chudi and with the approval of the mayor Sergei Tuchkov. The remand center was subordinate to the Bessarabian guardianship about prisons under the Ministry of the Interior. Construction control was entrusted to the Bessarabian Construction Commission.

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In its original form the Izmail city prison was supposed to have 4 towers and a 2-story building with cameras and guard rooms, as well as sheds for household needs and a bathhouse. The external wall according to the project had a length of 14 arshins, a thickness of 4 points, and the foundation was 5 arshins.

The entrance to the prison castle has survived to this day.

In 1862, the Bessarabian provincial guardianship of prisons decided to establish carpentry and sewing workshops here. Later construction of prison hospital was completed.

The history of the remand center has no documentary coverage in period after being transferred to the Ministry of Justice at the end of the 19th century and up to 1945.

After the war, remand center within the Department of Internal Affairs of the Odessa Oblast Executive Committee had a fence height of 4.9 m and 6 towers. An administrative building was built soon.

According to local historians, when Izmail was a regional center, remand center and the building of the regional department of the Ministry of State Security (KGB – since 1954), where the central city hospital is now located, connected by an underground passage through which detainees were taken for interrogation. However, there is no reliable evidence for this.

It was reported about plans to move the remand center outside the city to to equip a children’s amusement park in the vacated place, but with the collapse of the Soviet Union these intentions had to be canceled.

Today Izmail remand center is an institution of 2 regime buildings with a total of 100 jail cells, capacity limit is 854 people, and planned capacity – 770 people. There is an industrial zone and an Orthodox chapel on the territory of the center.

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