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Pantheon of Burta family


Address: Memory Park

Year of construction – 1904


Having built a new house in his estate on the present Grecheskaya Street in 1904, the Belgian manufacturer Burt in the same year built this family pantheon at the old large cemetery not far from the old people’s shelter (now an oncological hospital) and the Church of the Holy Myrrh Bearing Women.

The landowner Burt, who came from Belgium, had a number of enterprises operating in Izmail in the 19th and early 20th centuries: a candle factory, a slaughterhouse, a winery. They were located in the military quarter in the city of Izmail in the area of ​​the current streets of Grecheskaya, Kholostyakova, Belgorod-Dniestrovskaya and Dmitrievskaya.

The Pantheon has a basement with a wide white staircase – a ramp, accessible through the hatch on top. Niches for the dead are in the walls of the lower part of the crypt. Wooden coffin put in metal sarcophagus, the cover was screwed tightly with bolts and in this form was lowered along the rails into a niche.
The niches were bricked up and inscribed. In this way, 8 members from the Burta family were buried there.
The upper room of the pantheon is intended for commemoration. It was made so beautifully that no one raised their hand to demolish it, despite the fact that there were many similar crypts nearby.

бурта измаил дата

The entrance is decorated with two columns, the date of construction (1904) is indicated above the entrance.

Outside, under the roof, on one side is an open book with the 10 commandments of Christ, on the other – the cross of the Malta Order.

Chalice – a liturgical vessel that is used during the celebration of the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Around the 60s of 20th century citizens were warned about the closure of the old cemetery. Those who wish could take the ashes of their loved ones for reburial. Burta heirs also took the ashes of the deceased abroad. The Pantheon, meanwhile, has been restored and adorns the Memory Park to this day.

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