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Outpatient department of the skin-venereologic clinic

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Address: Bolgradskaya str., 76

The period of construction: end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries.


It is still unknown who built this building and what was originally located in it after construction. Only supposedly the mansion belonged to one of the Zakhariadi brothers until 1918.

More extensively, the history of this building became clear relatively recently during preparing the building for sale. After cleaning the walls a couple of artifacts that are more than 80 years old were found on the facade.
On the corner of the building a marble tablet was found with the inscription “Reconstructed by contractor J. Castels from Galati in 1937” behind numerous layers of whitewashing and painting. In 1937 the head of the Romanian state, Carol II, visited the city and the tidying up of the building could be explained by this event.

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On the central part of the front of the mansion from the side of Kommercheskaya Street, another inscription was revealed which was partially dismantled: “CAMERA DE COMERŢ ŞI INDUSTRIE”, translated from Romanian – Chamber of Commerce. It is possible that precisely because of this the street was called Comerciala (Commercial) in the Romanian period.

The life of a number of living Izmail residents began in this building, since a maternity hospital functioned there for some time in the Soviet period.

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In 2013 the building of the outpatient department of the skin-venereologic clinic located here transfered into the joint ownership of the territorial communities of the Izmail region, as well as the inpatient department.

Until 2018, the Izmail city skin-venereologic clinic worked here, then it moved to another old building – on the first floor of the ophthalmological department of the Izmail Central Hospital.

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