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Burt’s House


Address: Grecheskaya str., 13 (formerly Kirova St.)
Year of built: 1907
Storeys: 2


The majestic two-story building with a mezzanine is assigned to the monuments of local architecture. Above the main entrance, exactly in the middle of the building, there is, in fact, a mezzanine – a non-residential building with many decorative details, among which is the date of construction and an angel above the window. An undoubted decoration is also the forged gratings that close the inner space of the courtyard and decorate the balcony. In the courtyard is located the fountain “Girl with a Jug” preserved from the first owner. Every detail is a living reminder of the past of our city.

Well-preserved underground passages lead from the ground floor in all directions of the house, but they are walled up for safety reasons.

Initially, the house belonged to the famous Izmail family of Burt, which had Belgian roots. One of the representatives of the family – Mikhail Burt -was an honorary trustee of the Izmail men’s gymnasium at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

дом Бурта измаил

The sign on the facade reads:

“This house was laid by God’s help on June 13, 1907 by the bourgeois of the city of Izmail, Anna Burt”

The house was built with taking into account European advanced achievements in the field of housing construction. So, an innovative heating system was installed in the house, and those who were inside the house were impressed by a spiral openwork staircase located immediately at the entrance, in the hallway.

The study of archival documents allows us to assume that the Burt family occupied a whole quarter between the modern streets of Benderskaya, Grecheskaya (former Kirova), Kishinevskaya and Geroev Stalingrada. So, it is known that, in addition to this building, the family owned neighboring houses – the first house of Burt (located on the site of the now-defunct “Premier Hotel”), Mikhail Burt owned the building on Grecheskaya str., 20, the building on Kishinevskaya str. 33 was used for a candle factory of Burt.

As for this building, it is reliably known that the mansion of a wealthy family was used for housing most of its history.

In 1940, the headquarters of the air defense section of the Danube Flotilla was located here, whose head was then appointed Vasily Matveev. The site included the 46th Separate Air Defense Artillery Division and the 96th Separate Air Squadron. When the military flotilla was reduced in 1960 the headquarters vacated the mansion, several apartments were equipped here and eight families were settled. For living even basements were used. Only the owners changed.

During the years of independence, the building again passed into private hands.

By 2013, the Izmail entrepreneur Petr Sevastiyan, director of the private enterprise “Dineks”, restored the mansion and brought it into line with modern standards for earthquake resistance. Thanks to this, today we can admire the architecture of an ancient building, which is atypical for our places.

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