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Kafedralnaya str., 27 


Address: Kafedralnaya str., 27
Year of construction: 1912
Storeys: 1

Perhaps the exterior of the building does not stand out too much against the background of neighboring houses, but if you look closely, you can see a sign with the date of its construction above the main entrance: “1912”.

The small opening on the front door, framed by a colorful metal plate with the inscription “FOR THE LETTERS AND NEWSPAPERS” is no less attractive.

The front part is a masonry of red brick. A few elements of the decor of the external walls allow us to talk about the architectural style of “classicism”. Externally, the building looks well-groomed and neat, it seems it was not behind more than a century of his biography.
A number of details that tell us about the solid age of the building are available inside. To this day, 3 stoves have been preserved in the mansion. As was accepted at the beginning of the twentieth century among wealthy Izmail residents, they are all tiled with tiles. The upper part is decorated with decorative angels.

Under the house its arches were lined with bricks and further to the north and south there were endless passages that were laid for security purposes.

A few words about the residents of this house.

At first, Sukhoverov, the tsarist officer lived here; during Romanian period – a wealthy meat trader. The last one was reminiscent of the huge hooks that hung from the vaults of the basement back in the middle of the last century.

In the postwar years the building was inhabited by the family of the future famous Soviet film actor Vladimir Korenev – the legendary Ikhtiandr from the cult movie Amphibian Man. His father, Rear Admiral Boris Korenev served in the Danube Flotilla. Vladimir himself at that time attended secondary school No. 1 from grades 1 through 4, trying in vain to learn Russian and Ukrainian. Later the family moved to Tallinn, but to this day the actor recalls Izmail in all colors – its local market; cobbled quiet streets (compared to Moscow); underground passages in which he played as a child; tasty pungent smell that came from all yards in autumn, when they started to salt cabbage. Subsequently, he returned to Izmail again, already during the filming of the movie “Amphibian Man”.

In the second half of the twentieth century, the family of Pyotr Sizonenko lived here – he headed the Gorkommunkhoz for a long time. And although he has long been no longer among us, the descendants live in the mansion and cherish the building of the royal period.

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