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Inter-voyage seafarers house

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Address: 2a Suvorova Ave.

Build Date: 1954-1955

The construction department No. 433 of the “Chernomorgidrostroy” trust constructed this building of Inter-voyage seafarers house in the early 1950s.

The place for it was been chosen the most successful: the complex of buildings was located on the even side of Suvorov Avenue on the very edge of a high cliff, which gave it a magnificent view from the banks of the Danube. The building was built primarily as a hotel in which sailors could stop between their flights. In addition, the Sailors Club, Interclub and a library were based here.

 80-s, dance floor on the Inter-voyage seafarers house territory

A well-groomed square adjoined the building, access to which could be obtained by going down from the Inter-voyage seafarers house stairs. A dance floor was equipped here, as well as a green theater, in which concerts were often given. Despite the fact that the building and the adjacent park area were departmental, they were one of the most popular leisure places for all citizens.

We can see the date “1955” on the bas-reliefs that adorn the central facade on the left and right. Obviously, it indicates the date when the building was commissioned. In any case, there are documents in the funds of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company museum which show that the construction was completed in 1954. That year the architect A.Soshenko was marked with the “Honorary Worker of the Navy of the USSR” badge. “For the successful design and implementation of field supervision,” the award documents said.

The time of construction of the building was determined by its architectural style. This is the so-called “Stalinist Empire”. The building is built of shell stone, which makes it look even more magnificent in the sunlight. The facade is richly decorated with Corinthian columns, bas-reliefs with signs of a nautical theme, banners and wreaths. Without exaggeration, this building remain one of the most beautiful in Izmail for many years.

During the years of independence of Ukraine serious problems began to appear in the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company and economic indicators began to decline. This could not but affect the state of the Inter-voyage seafarers house complex, which was an object of the socio-cultural sphere. A hotel for sailors, which ceased to function, as well as a park area, which gradually became desolate became the first victims of such situation.

The building was mothballed and the services located in it were transferred to the main administrative building, popularly called Stakan (engl. – the “glass”).

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