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House with benches


Address: Sadovaya str., 2

Year of construction – 1832

There is a monument of local architecture – house #2 on the Sadovaya str.

In the first half of the 19th century, trading rows were arranged here starting from house #2 and up to #8 on the modern Sadovaya street. The very appearance of the street was due precisely to the development of trade in Izmail at that time.
Then the main square of the city was actively built up. With the construction of the Holy Intercession Cathedral, an oval-shaped English garden appeared from its eastern part and one-story stone and brick buildings lined with facades decorated with stucco depicting medallions, cords, etc. a little further from the garden. All of them had colonnades, which was typical for cities of southern Bessarabia. So the shortest and one of the oldest streets in Izmail was formed, which was called Sadovaya by its location on one side of the garden.

The building built on it had a single purpose – the living rows, which were used for trade in goods and livelihoods of merchants. The rows included benches, places for storing goods (basements), premises for traders and parking lots. These features were due to the fact that merchants spent here for a long time, before full sale of their goods. After that, they purchased a new lots of local goods and set off on the return trip.

Over time all the shops on the street began to belong to Jewish merchants, which entailed, as is now known, negative consequences. Sadovaya Street became the starting point for the atrocities of the Black Hundreds. Feeling complete impunity, the Black Hundreds robbed and destroyed Jewish shops and the street turned into ruins. Over time, all the buildings on the street were restored, but only one of them has survived in its original form with columns.

Its address is Sadovaya str., 2. Previously, there was a youth club “Alye parusa”, which belonged to the communal enterprise “Junior-2”. After the liquidation of the latter, the premises have been empty since 2014.

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