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House of Peter Kolomoytsov

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Address: Khotinskaya Str., 2.

The period of construction – the beginning of the 20th century or earlier

The building, which is separated from the administration of the Izmail State Commercial Port by a small square with decorative trees and shrubs, attracted the attention of local historians thanks to the surname Kolomoytsov.

Pyotr Titovich Kolomoytsov, who lived in the city from the late 19th – early 20th century, was a full member of the Imperial Odessa Society of History and Antiquities.

He not only actively explored the history of his native land, but also wrote more than a dozen books on this subject, including the historical essay “Izmail Fortress and its monuments”. The fact of release of this essay, as well as the address of its author became known from the announcement of June 15, 1914, published in the Izmail newspaper Pridunaysky Krai:

коломойцов измаил хотинская 2

Today, the building is carefully renovated using modern building materials, but still allows you to see the elements of century old architecture. Semicircular decorative columns adorning the facade and large semicircular windows were typical of the buildings of that time.

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