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Hotel Severnaya


Address: 39 Suvorov Ave.
Year of built: 1913-1914
Storeys: 1


The history of the house located in the quarter of the current Suvorov Avenue and Tulchianovskaya, Kholostyakova and Bolgradskaya Streets begins from 1913-1914. It dates back to the announcement from the newspaper “Pridunaysky Krai”, which tells about the construction of the building for the “Severnaya” hotel:

In 1934-1935, while working on the completion of the 2nd floor of the building, known today as the “Palace of Pioneers”, Sila Avramov, a foreman, fell from scaffolding and injured his back. After that, he could no longer engage in construction, so he chose a less risky activity and bought a hotel in this building, which he apparently called “France”. Wife Anna, was engaged in a restaurant, which was at the hotel. However, due to serious health complications, managing the hotel became difficult and then, in the 30s, it was sold – the family bought a house near the school No.1, which still exists today. The Sila Avramov left this world around 1937.

Sila Avramov, the owner of the hotel “France”with his family.

However, the hotel “France” managed to serve for Sigurans. Since the city prison at that time had only one building, the prison premises of which were full, it became necessary to find new prison squares. Hotel dungeons were suitable. Its huge dungeon was divided into sections, and each section had an additional area dug under Suvorov Avenue. All these sectional cellars were identified as an additional underground prison in the center of the city – from here they brought the arrested to interrogations and brought them back.

In 1940, the NKVD administration continued to use the premises for the same purpose.

In the times of the Izmail region and up to the 80s, a dormitory of the teaching staff of the Izmail Pedagogical Institute was located here.

Currently, the building and its premises are privatized, converted into apartments and offices.

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