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Address: Сommercial str., 61
Year of construction: until 1876
Storeys – 1


This one of the most beautiful old mansions in Izmail. The exterior of the building of red brick is made in the style of classicism. A distinctive feature of the building is its angular part, built in the form of a rotunda with a domed roof and decorative elements.

кожвен измаил купол

Thanks to the research of Alla Galkina, the former head of the Izmail archive, today it is known that the building was built no later than 1876. It was at this time that the complex located at the intersection of Avraamov and Kupecheskaya Streets (the former name of the present Bolgradskaya and Kommercheskaya Streets) was acquired by the hereditary Honorary Izmail Citizen Fedor Tulchianov. In total, the future Izmail mayor (1880-1892, 1900-1906) owned it until 1880/1894, until he moved to the current Pridunavie museum building.

In the archival documents of the late XIX century the mansion is described as “a brick corner house on a stone foundation tiled with six compartments, a pantry, a canopy and a glass corridor, there is a cellar on the arches under this house and the front garden has a full-length front garden”.

By January 24, 1914, the widow of an Izmail merchant, Maria Nikolaeva owned a building. She bequeathed the building with outbuildings to her heirs, and in turn, she punished:

“To make commemorations after my death in the Christian rite and for this purpose to deposit eternal contribution for the Izmail City Churches: Izmail Pokrovsky Cathedral – five hundred rubles, Izmail St. Dmitriyevskаya Church – two hundred rubles, Izmail St. Nicholas Church – one hundred rubles with an obligation to remember me and my husband Dmitry Ivanovich.

She died on March 26, 1916 and her will was approved for execution.

During the rule of Romania, the mansion became the property of the Romanian state. So, when in the 30s a Diocesan (church) administration was being built in Izmail, which occupied a whole block between the current Suvorov Avenue and the streets of Kommercheskaya, Bolgradskaya and Tulchianovskaya, this house was given in the neighborhood to the abbot’s estate.

However, after 1939, Izmail County returned to the USSR and the abbot house was given away for some time under the maternity hospital and other medical facilities. A married couple, well-known doctors in the city, were the last owners of the building until 1940 and then they fled to Romania in 1940.

From 1941 to 1944 the Izmail district gendarme legion was located here, and after 1944 – the Izmail regional NKVD Directorate worked from here for some time.

After the liberation of Izmail, the building was transferred to the Izmail regional health department.

It is known that until 1970 a maternity hospital was located here, just like in the house opposite, and after that there was a hospital of a leather dispensary, which also used the neighboring building on ul. Bolgradskaya, 63 for their need.

In 2017, sold in private ownership.

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