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Former power station


Address: Kutuzova str., 1

Year of construction: 1950

The city thermal power plant, built in 1950, was the largest enterprise on Kutuzova str. in the Soviet period.

Coal transshipment by tipping cars at the Izmail thermal power plant.

Its construction began two years earlier. With this aim Mikhail Nikolaev was sent to the enterprise under the direction of the Ministry of Public Utilities as the chief engineer. Later he became its first director and was awarded the title of Honorary Izmail Citizen.

At that time, in the technical arsenal of the power plant there were captured DC diesels, which covered half the city’s electricity needs until 1950. During the years 1949-1950 a steam turbine power plant with a capacity of 1,500 kW was built and its capacity increased to 4,000 kW by 1953.

Due to this, hot water appeared on the beach of Izmail – water was taken from the Danube for cooling the turbines and waste water was dumped back into the river through a pipeline from a steep bank. Since there weren’t enough bathhouses in the city in those years, as well as housing with amenities, the residents of the city went under the pipe to wash under a hot waterfall with soap and a washcloth. Now its building is occupied by the Izmail Electric Networks Enterprise.

Since the power plant worked on coal and thick black smoke was pouring from its pipes, emitting coal dust into the atmosphere, this caused great harm to the environment. In this regard, the power plant was closed in 1961, and in 1963 the Izmail Electric Networks Enterprise was established on its basis.

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