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Former NKVD building


Address: 68 Suvorov Ave.

Build Date: 1954

Storeys: 3

The current building of the city hospital is an example of Stalinist classicism. It was built by the construction department No. 433 of the Chernomorgidrostroy trust.

The building near the prison was originally built under the Regional Directorate of the NKVD, whose control was previously located in the building of the diocese – this explains such a symbolic decoration.

According to the recollections of Izmail residents, our fellow countrymen were tortured and shot in the basement of the hospital; the NKVD prison, and later the KGB were located in the psychiatric department of the hospital.

However, the housewarming failed.

The massive three-story building with an internal prison was built on February 13, 1954, and exactly 2 days later the Izmail region was liquidated. In this regard, all regional institutions were transferred to Odessa, including the NKVD regional administration, and the Izmail border detachment was located in the new building.

In 1960, the border detachment was reformed, and the building was given to the city under a city hospital.

In 2016, according to the law on decommunization, the Soviet symbols (the sickle, hammer, and also the communist star) were removed from the building’s facade.

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