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Address: Tolbukhina str., 19
Period of construction: 50s of the 20th century


The history of the fire service in Izmail goes back to the first half of the 19th century. In 1837 the Bessarabian Military Governor ordered the Ismail town governor S. Tuchkov to oblige the city architect Dombrowski to draw up an estimate for the construction of the building for the fire department and the shed for storing fire equipment.

However, in front of us is a more modern building of the Soviet period.

On the fire chamber’s fire can be seen the Soviet symbols of firefighters.

In the tsarist period, two crossed axes were used as symbols.

But since 1927 it was changed and in 1932 the symbols received official status – an ax (firefighters of those times were called “axers”) and a French adjustable wrench, patented by Le Roy-Tribot.

Crossing ax and key set at an angle of 105 degrees.

Кроме топора и ключа посредине эмблемы изображён ручной пожарный ствол (брандспойт).

Еще в 50-60-е годы на верхней площадке пожарной каланчи постоянно находился дежурный, который осматривал город на предмет дыма или огня. Дело в том, что город тогда был почти без телефонной связи и осмотр сверху был необходим.

The manual fire barrel (hose) is also depicted in the middle of the emblem in addition to the ax and the wrench.

Back in the 50-60s, there was always a duty officer on the top site of the fire tower, who examined the city for smoke or fire. The fact is that in that period the city was almost without telephone communications and inspection from above was necessary.

Fire tower. 60s.

According to the memoirs of old-timers, a driving school and then a city radio club were located in the same building.

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