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Eparchial directorate


Address: Bolgradskaya str., 59
Date of construction: 1890
Storeys: 1

The building is rightfully the architectural gem of Izmail. It was built for church needs and today is the property of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

According to reports in that period of Izmail’s history the church belonged to the entire quarter, bounded by the streets of Mariinskaya (now – Suvorov Ave.), Avraamovskaya (now – Bolgradskaya str.), Kommercheskaya and Kontorskaya (Tulchianova str.).

The building was built by the Russian Orthodox Church for the local eparchial directorate .

Eparchial directorate is a church administration that regulated the activities of various churches of the city, as well as educated violators, removing them from their posts and depriving them of authority through a church court.

The church court was located next door – today it houses the Treasury.

The building was constructed according to the canons of classical architectural style. Since the diocese was a rather rich organization, its buildings were also distinguished by magnificent decoration, both outside and inside. The outer walls were not smooth, as in modern buildings, decorated with stucco and openwork lattices, even the drainpipes looked like Dutch lace. The nature of the stucco decorations: domes, crosses, bells and bells. There is one sign of the church’s mission in the decor of the old mansion – a grill that adorns the pediments around the entire perimeter of the building. Its central element is a kind of stylization of the bishops ’mitra (headdress) of Orthodox hierarchs.

At that time building of church administration was heated by fireplaces and at present 3 of them are still preserved. In the hallway there was a strict-looking fireplace without frills, lined with German brown tiles, with porcelain lace on top. In another room there is a white fireplace with Dutch tiles, which still has not lost its appearance and attractiveness. Tiles depict a living picture: flying cherubs with outstretched wings hold a mirror. The third fireplace, also white, crowns this image: there is a gilt wine barrel with a tap, and on it is a small angel.

In the Romanian period (1918-1940 and 1941-1944), the building belonged to the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Since 1940, when Bessarabia was included in the USSR, in a mansion on Bolgradskaya str., 59 housed the Department of State Security of the Izmail Regional Directorate of the NKVD. In one of the buildings of the complex of the former eparchial directorate a prison for political prisoners was equipped.

After the liquidation of the Izmail region, the building was occupied by the private security service of the city police department.

In the early 2000s, the building was again transferred to the Orthodox Church.

Today, the office of His Grace Agathangel, Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail, and the Childrens’ Sunday School are located here.

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