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Address: Burlachenko str., 29
Date of construction: the first third of the twentieth century
Storeys: 1


The building on Burlachenko str., 29 is located on the corner of Papanin str. – from Suvorov Avenue to the east behind the main building of the secondary school №16.

Given the remoteness from the center and the absence of any economic facilities on the plans of the city in 1908 and 1943, this mansion was most likely built for housing.

According to the style of construction, house building seems to fall into two parts: the one that faces Papanina Street is built in the style characteristic of private building in the 50-60s of the last century. This is evidenced by the characteristic decorative elements that appear on ordinary gray cement plaster – the cornices made according to the pattern, the details of the window frames, the stylization of the columns at the corners of the building. So in Izmail they built during the first post-war decades.

And the part of the building facing Burlachenko Street looks different: the front door (now bricked up) is decorated with numerous decorative details – columns on both sides, a high pediment decorated with an intricate monogram, solid brickwork is visible under a layer of plaster.

Similar details in urban development were often used at the beginning of the last century and in the early Romanian period. Therefore, experts in the architecture conclude that, most likely, the building was built in the first third of the twentieth century.

The page was prepared thanks to the local historian Igor Ognev

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