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Avraamovskaya str., 28


Address: Avraamovskaya str., 28 (formerly st. June 28)
Date of construction: allegedly the last quarter of the 19th century.
Storeys: 1

Presumably, in the last quarter of the 19th century this presentable building appeared on the corner of former Nizhne-Bessarabskaya and Aristocraticheskaya Streets.

Today it resembles a noble, but restrained old man – the facade is dotted with cracks, the trim of the once proud porch was strewn, the time also touched decorative details on the pediment. However, even after that a glorious past is guessed, the breed elusively passes through.

Like most of the buildings of that era this mansion is built of red brick for lining. Good brick is a reliable material. Most likely, this allowed him to remain in relatively good condition. Strict lines, clarity and simplicity of form create the illusion that the building is much higher than it actually is.
The main decoration of the mansion is on the front facade. Here is a seven-step staircase in front of the main entrance, decorated with a decorative wrought-iron grate, like the front door. Both are made in the same style. In addition to decorative functions, the grille on the door, presumably, performed a completely utilitarian function – it protected the inhabitants from troubles that could follow from without.

An elegant pediment with numerous decorative elements tells us about the high status of the owner, who decided to build his home near the main city street.

Unfortunately, we know almost nothing about the early history of the old mansion. But we know that in the middle of the last century the family of one of the leaders of the Danube Shipping Company lived in it. Today his daughter lives here and she remind that in the Romanian period of Izmail history a wealthy Romanian doctor lived with his family here. Incidentally, he owned several buildings in this area of ​​the city.

With the change of power the tenants of the house also changed.

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