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NGO "Danube Center for Public Initiatives"

Project history

The electronic map of ancient buildings of Izmail was developed and filled in by the public organization “Danube Center for Public Initiatives” together with Izmail State University for the Humanities within the project “Discovering the Unknown Ukraine: Architectural Historical Heritage of Izmail”.

The aim of the project is to provide access to information about the history of Izmail through its architecture. According to the authors, the collection of data on the history of buildings and the dissemination of this information are relevant due to the fact that the architectural heritage of Izmail, which was created in the XVI century, still retains the features of historical periods.

The authors are grateful to Izmail old-timers, local historians and photographers for their help in obtaining textual and photographic information. In this complicated case we received an assistance from history lovers and local historians Igor Ognev, Raisa Shishkina, Yuri Lityuchenko, Yuri Gerasin, Valery Posternak, Michail Dovgal, Ivan Tatarinov, Sergey Pereverza, Ruslan Mikheev, Lyubov Kaplienko, Anatoly Verbitsky, Lilia Abazina, Viktor Shevchenko, Anatoly Kaminsky, photographers Natalya Gashinskaya, Zhanna Romanovskaya, Antonina Lutsko. Special thanks to Jennifer Sutton.

This site was created and maintained with financial assistance from the European Union under the ReHERIT mini-grant program. Its content is the sole responsibility of the grantee and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union and the ReHERIT project.

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